Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I join HCSM, so what ?

Assalamualaikum :)
Utk entry kali nie, Hfz nak cite about satu
projek a.k.a program yg hfz join
in my faculty here in Egypt ...

(Health Care Simulation Model)

Or dengan kata lain

                                H - Have fun
                                C - Change prospection
                                S - Skills
                                M - Meet new unique people

Still x paham lagy kan ?
Ok let me explain a lil bit.

HCSM is a fun and informative 
style of learning to
improve one's self in order 
to achive an ideal
health care system whereby 
the importance of effective
communication is emphasized.
In short, not only do we, 
doctors and future doctors,
need to be book smart, 
but being street smart is a much 
coveted skills to improve 
overall quality of being
professional .

Korang boleh tgk video promo HCSM
kat bwh nie to be clearer

You know what !!!
To be part of HCSM family,
ade interview wooo...

Alhamdulillah, my interview was pretty good :)
sangat interesting interview dye,
siap tanye capital and currency of various countries.
mane nak ingatt !! HAHA.
Then, dye ade tanye, kalau hfz diberi kertas and pen,
ape yg hfz akan lukis ?
Spontaneously, Hfz ckp hfz akan lukis 
bentuk love !!! HAHA. tetibe.

The aim of this project are ~
- Encourage friendship between Malaysian
and Egyptian
- Having wide knowledge about healthcare
 - Learn new skills
- Build interpersonal and
versatile personality

Ramai yg join HCSM ni.
Mostly Egyptian and Malaysian.
But ade jugak student dari Palestine, Iraq,
Syria, n Sudan =)


During the opening ceremony of
HCSM, I have given the trust to
perform in front of them all ~
They are very supportive and
I love them <3

Here is the video me singing
Flying Without Wings Live for the very first time
outside from Malaysia =)

This is HCSM's official blog if
you want to see =)
HCSM official blog

to be continued ...



It is very very interesting...I wonder if we have this in Malaysia too... =D

SyahirahShaadan said...

suke dengar awak nyanyi, best2. hmm, good luck okay kat sana. take care :)

[ h a f i z ] said...

fariz : yess. I'm wondering too :)

[ h a f i z ] said...

syahirah : thanks a lot for your support :)

♥Lady Ainaa♥ said...

wow!! really nice and interesting...huuuu....TC..^.^V

[ h a f i z ] said...

yes it is.. very interesting and awesome :)

Anonymous said...

wow....i wish i can be like u too.hehe
best la dpt gi luar negara :)

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