Sunday, November 27, 2011


Assalamualaikum readers =)
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Friday, November 25, 2011

HCSM - #1 session =)

Oraiteee, utk 1st session for HCSM
sangattt interesting. I gained a lot =)

Utk 1st session nie, we learnt about history
of healthcare system yg hfz x pernah aware before this.
Now I know how important of healthcare system in
our country ~

Insurance is also extremely important to
secure us when we get health problems.
There are many types of insurance lorr
but i will not list all of them here. hehe

To get heat up a lil bit,
we do some ice breaking but it is
slightly different. Everybody get a piece
of paper where each of them has a country or
the capital of the country.

So, we must search for our partner to
get the country and the capital together.
Sangat excited utk mencari and finally,
I found my partner.

Hfz punye kertas tulis Iran, so I must search for Tahran,
the capital of Iran. Interesting kan =)

Lepas tu, secara random, someone kene bgn
and cerita kat semua org pasal partner diorang.

Now, its time for
knowledge part. semua khusyuk je.
Ade gak yg ngantuk. standard laa kan.
ape nak buat, lumrah alam. chewaah.

to get us wake up, HAHA.
we play game. Ok, mse mule2 dtg,
setiap org di beri kertas n kene tulis 1st letter
of nama masing2. Then, kitorang dibahagikan kepada 3
group. group yg suke makan mango, apple and grape.
I chose apple. heheee...

The game is, kite kene buat the longest
sentence dengan menggunakan huruf2 tu.
perghh, susah gila sbb huruf vowel
but we had so much fun. Macam2 ideo org
arab n. kui3 =D

The last section of the session,
we have a debate.

"which one is the best wheter 
private or public funding healthcare"

Takut gak tgk org arab ber-debate.
Memang nak menang aje laa kan. HAHA..

to be continued ...

Treasure Hunt

Waaaaa, da lame x main trasure hunt nie.
Dye ala2 explorace jugak lah. Tpy yg special nye
treasure hut yg hfz join nie, kitorang mix ngan egyptian
and dorang ni agak klakar la. Excited sgt. hehe

This is my group (group 3) and our group name is
Ruby =) and we are awesome !!! huhu

We have to search for the clues...
Perghh,, mmg tersorok gile.
Kene cari kat sluruh fakulti. HAHA.
lawak tgk org arb excited oh.

Mcm2 tasks kene buat
such as amik gula dalam tepung,
alaaa, yg slalu kite buat kalau ade
sukaneka tu kan... ksian tgk mue dorang 
mcm tepung komak. HAHA.

Ade jugak main yg basah2 ni even skang ni winter.
gila ke ape dorang ni dah la sejuk lagi
nak buat game ni, but we had so much fun.
Ksian tgk org yg basah kuyup. hehee ~

Haaa, yg ni menguji minda sikit coz
kite kene cai perkataan tersembunyi 
and buat 2 min story dengan menggunakan
perkataan2 tu. hehe.
Macam2 version yg hfz dengar, yg mimpi lah,
yg ade kuasa2 la. HAHA. lawakk.

Group kat atas nie menang
the best story. Gempak jugak la
cite dorang. Tpy hfz x igt dah cite dye.

Yayyyy !!! x sangka my group menang.
Hmm, rasenye, ni first time hfz menang
game ala2 explorace ni. huhu.
Yesss, ade kemajuan.

That's why i love HCSM
We get to mix with different people,
having so much fun, yet learn many
new skills :)

To be continued ~

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #9

Maksud Wordless Wednesday : Pada hari rabu, semua blogger post gambar di blog mereka tanpa meletakkan apa2x description untuk explain gambar tersebut, biar gambar yang menceritakan tanpa korang letak apa2x penjelasan :) more on

I join HCSM, so what ?

Assalamualaikum :)
Utk entry kali nie, Hfz nak cite about satu
projek a.k.a program yg hfz join
in my faculty here in Egypt ...

(Health Care Simulation Model)

Or dengan kata lain

                                H - Have fun
                                C - Change prospection
                                S - Skills
                                M - Meet new unique people

Still x paham lagy kan ?
Ok let me explain a lil bit.

HCSM is a fun and informative 
style of learning to
improve one's self in order 
to achive an ideal
health care system whereby 
the importance of effective
communication is emphasized.
In short, not only do we, 
doctors and future doctors,
need to be book smart, 
but being street smart is a much 
coveted skills to improve 
overall quality of being
professional .

Korang boleh tgk video promo HCSM
kat bwh nie to be clearer

You know what !!!
To be part of HCSM family,
ade interview wooo...

Alhamdulillah, my interview was pretty good :)
sangat interesting interview dye,
siap tanye capital and currency of various countries.
mane nak ingatt !! HAHA.
Then, dye ade tanye, kalau hfz diberi kertas and pen,
ape yg hfz akan lukis ?
Spontaneously, Hfz ckp hfz akan lukis 
bentuk love !!! HAHA. tetibe.

The aim of this project are ~
- Encourage friendship between Malaysian
and Egyptian
- Having wide knowledge about healthcare
 - Learn new skills
- Build interpersonal and
versatile personality

Ramai yg join HCSM ni.
Mostly Egyptian and Malaysian.
But ade jugak student dari Palestine, Iraq,
Syria, n Sudan =)


During the opening ceremony of
HCSM, I have given the trust to
perform in front of them all ~
They are very supportive and
I love them <3

Here is the video me singing
Flying Without Wings Live for the very first time
outside from Malaysia =)

This is HCSM's official blog if
you want to see =)
HCSM official blog

to be continued ...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gud Luck Students ku :)

Assalamualaikum readers !
Its been about 2 months since I left
my students in Malaysia

Sape2 yg x taw crite, bleh laaa tgk post ni

Hmmm, mcmne lah dorang skang ni ek ...
Ntah2 dah x ingat lagy cikgu dye yg ni. huhu

Budak2 kecik yg comel kat atas ni,
Student darjah 1,2,3 Hfz.
Hfz ajar doran maths. Senang je, just 
playing with addition, subtraction, multiplication n division
Alhamdulillah, sifir dorang smakin baik :)
Sangat rindu nak guraw2 ngan korang dlm kelas lagy. huhuuu ~

Lagi skali, budak2 comel kat ats ni student
darjah 4,5,6 Hfz except yg orange t-shirt girl tu eh.
Actually ade beberape lagy students tpy dorang absent mse ni.
Dorang ni dah kene fokus utk UPSR.
Agak2nye UPSR taun ni mcm ne la ek ?
Hope that korang igt sume ape yg hfz ajar.
FYI, hfz ajar dorang maths jugak :)

hamizan (F4)

afif (F5)

Fauzan (F5)
Haaaaaa, students kat atas ni, hfz x ajar dorang kat pusat tusyen,
tpy Hfz ajar private home tuition meaning
Hfz akan dtg rumah dorang and ajar dorang one on one ~

Hfz ajar Hamizan subjek Add Maths, Physics and Chemistry for SPM, but
dye baru F4. I realised that he is brilliant.
Calon straight A's ni. Ameen. InsyaAllah

Utk Afif pulak, Hfz just ajar Add Maths n Physics je.
Dye ni pandai, and I expect him to succeed in his SPM this year.
Skang ni dye tgh SPM ni, waaaaa, tetibe teringat
time Hfz SPM dulu.. Kecut perut. HAHA.

Haaaaa, Hfz ajar Fauzan paling lama n paling bnyk subjek.
I taught him Add maths, Physics, Chemistry n Biology.
I can see that Fauzan ni dye pandai, but maybe 
sifat malas tu still ade, but I believe he will give
his heart and soul for SPM this year. Gud luck man.
I know you can do it :)

Lastly, Hfz nak mintak maaf 
kalau ade terkasar bahasa
n halalkan lah kalau tersilap 
ataw terdatang lambat ke. huhu
Hope that korang ingat ape yg Hfz dah ajar
and apply kat dalam paper exam nnty k :)

Hfz doakan korang success in life always :)
InsyaAllah, Ameen ~

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #8

Maksud Wordless Wednesday : Pada hari rabu, semua blogger post gambar di blog mereka tanpa meletakkan apa2x description untuk explain gambar tersebut, biar gambar yang menceritakan tanpa korang letak apa2x penjelasan :) more on

Friday, November 11, 2011

My friend in Asia Model Festival Award ~

Assalamualikum readers !
Nmpak x model kat atas nie ~~~
His name is Azwan Ali, my schoolmate kat ASiS dulu.
Dah jadi model dah skang ni. hOH0

FYI, dye ade masuk Asia Model Festival Award,
and guess what, skang nie dye dah shortlisted 
to one of the semi-finalist.

He really need your votes 
to get him through to the
Final !!!

A SMS won't harm you at all and
he will be eternally grateful and appreciate it if
you guys would vote for him :)

Just send AMFA<space>48  to 36660

The closing date for voting 
will be 12 November 2011
So hurry up.

Here are some of his pictures
in case you want to do some kind of
judgement before voting for him :D

Spread and share this post ~
Kepada sesape yg dah vote or share entry nie,
please let us know who you are dengan comment 
kat entry nie okay :)

Happy Birthday Shuib ~

Happy Birthday my friend, Shuib ~
(10 / 11/ 1993)

May Allah bless you Always .
Keep on strong for your journey
becoming a doctor in Alexandria.

Remember, the heart is stronger than you think
like it can go through anything ~

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eid Adha di perantauan :)

Assalamua'laikum readers ~
Selamat menyambut Idul Adha yer :)

Alhamdulillah, tahun ni Hfz berpeluang utk meyambut
Idul Adha di Cairo :) Selalu Hfz sambut dekat Kg Hfz je
dekat Gelang patah :)

Wlwpun x dapat beraya dengan family tahun nie,
Hfz dapat banyak pegalaman baru.
FYI, tahun nie, first time Hfz melapah haiwan korban.
Hfz melapah unta plak tu. hoh0, Memang liat lah daging dye.

Penat jugak lah melapah haiwan korban ni.
Haaaaa, kalau penat, buat ape lagy.
Mesti laa berposing dengan "si dia" kan. HAHA
jeng3 !!!

Comelkan lembu tu. ngehehee...
Tpy, secomel-comel lembu tu,
comel lagi janin unta nie..
Taadaaaaaaaa !!!

Janin unta ni boleh makan taw kalau korang x taw.
hehe ~

Haaa, Time Hfz bertolak dari Alexandria ke Cairo,
Hfz terkejut jugak la sebab Railway Station Cairo dah lawa gler.
Before this, time Hfz pgy Cairo, dye still under construction lagy but skang
ni dah siap daa... Lawa yg amat :) Hfz sempat gak snap sket pics. hehe

Baik lah, sampai disini aje lah ye.
Sempena Idul Adha nie, Jom lah kite
amik iktibar dari kisah pengorbanan Nabi Ibrahim
dan Nabi Ismail di mana Nabi Ibrahim sanggup untuk menyembelih 
putera yang di tunggu-tunggu nya bertahun-tahun lamanya.
Nabi Ismail pula, sanggup menyerahkan diri nya demi perintah
Allah ~ 

Subhanallah, sungguh besar pengorbanan Nabi Ibrahim dan puteranya, Nabi Ismail.
Namun begitu, Ini semua hanyalah ujian daripada Allah yg maha agung.

Maka disitulah sejarahnya dimana kita menyembelih
haiwan korban pada Hari Raya Idul Adha :)

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