Friday, November 11, 2011

My friend in Asia Model Festival Award ~

Assalamualikum readers !
Nmpak x model kat atas nie ~~~
His name is Azwan Ali, my schoolmate kat ASiS dulu.
Dah jadi model dah skang ni. hOH0

FYI, dye ade masuk Asia Model Festival Award,
and guess what, skang nie dye dah shortlisted 
to one of the semi-finalist.

He really need your votes 
to get him through to the
Final !!!

A SMS won't harm you at all and
he will be eternally grateful and appreciate it if
you guys would vote for him :)

Just send AMFA<space>48  to 36660

The closing date for voting 
will be 12 November 2011
So hurry up.

Here are some of his pictures
in case you want to do some kind of
judgement before voting for him :D

Spread and share this post ~
Kepada sesape yg dah vote or share entry nie,
please let us know who you are dengan comment 
kat entry nie okay :)


Gadish Lollipop said...

Good Luck for him :)

fif said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
aliya atina said...

Asis ? Oh , kecik dunia ni

[ h a f i z ] said...

yep. ASiS.. why ?

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