Friday, November 25, 2011

HCSM - #1 session =)

Oraiteee, utk 1st session for HCSM
sangattt interesting. I gained a lot =)

Utk 1st session nie, we learnt about history
of healthcare system yg hfz x pernah aware before this.
Now I know how important of healthcare system in
our country ~

Insurance is also extremely important to
secure us when we get health problems.
There are many types of insurance lorr
but i will not list all of them here. hehe

To get heat up a lil bit,
we do some ice breaking but it is
slightly different. Everybody get a piece
of paper where each of them has a country or
the capital of the country.

So, we must search for our partner to
get the country and the capital together.
Sangat excited utk mencari and finally,
I found my partner.

Hfz punye kertas tulis Iran, so I must search for Tahran,
the capital of Iran. Interesting kan =)

Lepas tu, secara random, someone kene bgn
and cerita kat semua org pasal partner diorang.

Now, its time for
knowledge part. semua khusyuk je.
Ade gak yg ngantuk. standard laa kan.
ape nak buat, lumrah alam. chewaah.

to get us wake up, HAHA.
we play game. Ok, mse mule2 dtg,
setiap org di beri kertas n kene tulis 1st letter
of nama masing2. Then, kitorang dibahagikan kepada 3
group. group yg suke makan mango, apple and grape.
I chose apple. heheee...

The game is, kite kene buat the longest
sentence dengan menggunakan huruf2 tu.
perghh, susah gila sbb huruf vowel
but we had so much fun. Macam2 ideo org
arab n. kui3 =D

The last section of the session,
we have a debate.

"which one is the best wheter 
private or public funding healthcare"

Takut gak tgk org arab ber-debate.
Memang nak menang aje laa kan. HAHA..

to be continued ...


Mra Mastura said...

wahhh >__<" kalau mra mesti neves aje join mcm ni. :)

Anonymous said...

cam best je tkut gak siap ad debate lg..chaiyok for the next lesson..aja2 fighting!!

[ h a f i z ] said...

mra : x payah nervous.. just be confident

[ h a f i z ] said...

secretgarden : hehe. tqtqtq

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