Wednesday, April 20, 2011

good bye :(

After all,

finally finished my study in PASUM.
seems not to believe it because a year is actually very short.

Yes, I have been through many hardships, and challenges.
But i believe the heart is stronger than you think, like it can go through anything.
See,,, i made it to the last !

I am glad to say 
"there are no regrets in my mind and heart".

I was doing the best I guess.

Of course I'll miss my priceless moments in PASUM.
now i realise there are so many things that keep circling in my mind,,,

I miss to wake up late to class,

I miss to disturb my friends,

I miss to get in a hurry to one hour class,

I miss to eat in the crowded college cafe,

I miss to karaoke in my best friend's room,

i miss complaining for complicated and tough questions,
i miss my lecturers and tutors,
i miss to stay late at night to revise via nescafe, 

I miss to be joking with my happy-go-lucky classmates.

I hope these memories will not go out and stay on my mind and my heart forever.

I love you PASUM :)


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