Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Sis :)

Siti Natasya ~ [31st October 1995]
Happy birthday to you sis ~

I hope that you are always happy.
Don't worry of anything because
Allah will always be with you.
So don' forget to meet Allah 5 times a day :)

All of us ( our family ) always love you
no matter what !!!
You have to remember that.

p/s : Don't forget to study hard for SPM
next year . My prayer will always be with you (^^,)

Gambatte !!!


adinda awin said...

abg yg baik hehe

miszpathetic said...

0ow,,ni laa adik yg cite dlu ea,,may Allah bless u,,,i'm wondering,,ur sublings mmg tarikh lahir awl n akhir bulan ke? cam hfz 1 july,,adik ni 31 august?

[ h a f i z ] said...

adinda : biase2 je laaa

[ h a f i z ] said...

miszpathetic : HAHA. xde laa sume mcm tu ...
kebetulan aje nie

lovelyloor said...

hfz,,cbe tgk vid ni kat my blog

agak bagus laa for us,,muslim,,

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